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January 29th, 2014, 00:00
RPG gamers "waiting for sales", buying used and/or pirating is what killed off our classic old school RPGs. Only a small group going well beyond the average price (ie on Kickstarter) brought them back. Maybe RPG gamers would learn the mistakes of the past, but that would mean changing and evolving and we know they can't have that. Seriously though, I'm proud I backed this on Kickstarter despite all the "nag"ative assholes saying KS is a rip off and that all the games will never get made. Hell, I even got this expansion for super cheap.

Honestly, everything comes down to money. There's a reason Spiderweb Software has ancient looking graphics and that's money. These developers cannot make these RPGS for free, and they wouldn't exist if some people didn't go above and beyond what everyone else pays. I understand the temptation to get games super cheap, and it's great that it's an option, but if you have ever, ever, complained about publishers/developers not caring about you and not making the types of games you like, then you are proving them right by getting them for 80% off, used, borrowed or free. Old school RPGs depend entirely on a small niche core group of us ponying up in order for them to exist. This is a democratic process, and those of us who "stay home" are saying they don't give a damn and are giving up the right to complain when these games stop being made again.

Lastly, As for having "plenty of games" check my Steam account, I'm probably more backlogged than most, but after having RPGs nearly disappear (other than typical RPG/FPS games like Fallout 3, Mass Effect or the Diablo clones) I am going to do my part so that the next great titles can be made, despite the odds.
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