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January 29th, 2014, 02:25
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
And from what I've seen gamespot's 6 is based on:
I guess the actual review wasn't part of what you've seen?

"Not much of this is spelled out, and the tooltips offered up at the start of the game don't do much to explain the basics. All becomes clear if you're patient, though, or if you remember doing this stuff many years ago. Nevertheless, the game could use more hand-holding in the beginning."

He says the battles are too hard when you've got the game set to easier difficulty levels: "Monsters flank and surround you in almost every other fight, frequently spawning in out of nowhere to your rear."

He thought the story was pretty dry, especially the opening of the game.

"There isn't much role-playing to be had here; the game is a dry tactical affair where combat is the first order of the day, followed up by the odd puzzle."

He says monster variety is pretty low, leading to repetitive battles. Animations aren't very well done. Sound effects are sparse. Characters scream out their death cries before they actually get hit.

He grumbles a little about being stuck in squares. (I probably would have grumbled more. If you insist on using something like that, at least use hexes. It would be better if you just let the PC do a quick distance formula, though.)
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