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January 29th, 2014, 03:52
The fact that ESO is going sub-based is a good thing. F2P is horrible for MMORPGs and leads to crappy games and crappier players.

However, having a sub is far from the biggest problem with ESO. It's just a bad idea for a game from the ground up.

I'm sure a lot of sheep will buy it and play it, since mass market players buy whatever mass market crap is spewed out for them, but a weak representation of one of the stronger PvE RPGs of all time and a weak MMORPG at a time when most new MMORPGs are very weak is just not what I as an RPG lover or MMORPG lover want to see.

ES VI with player hosted co-op would be amazing. ES the MMORPG, there is no way it can ever measure up to what makes ES games so great - just not possible in an MMORPG.

Out of all the bad ideas for turning popular IPs into MMORPGs, this is probably the worst one ever.
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