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January 29th, 2014, 19:44
All races have access to all factions - but only at level 50.

No, you can't PvP on more than one side - as the PvP campaign is bound to your character and you can't just switch sides - it's only the PvE stuff you can do as the other factions.

The reason three factions is a good thing for PvP - is because it combats the common balance issues of two factions - where one side is always larger than the other. Three factions make for a more dynamic battleground.

I like this - and so do a lot of fans. However, PvP is entirely optional - and you can PvE in the PvP area as well.

The Imperial race is just an added incentive for getting the Collector's Edition - like is the case with all such editions - and you could just buy the race later on in the store, if you really want it.

It's nothing new.

Before going crazy about something, it helps to understand the game first.




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