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January 29th, 2014, 23:29
Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
On the official page here, the tooltip for the play any race in any alliance is "your character can join any alliance, no matter which race that you choose".

And yes, lame is the proper term for it. Especially when so many people requested it since faction racial lock was announced. Now they are monetizing it.

I can already see the "use any class skill lines on any character" unlock in the cash shop…
Exactly this. This 3 faction PvP was stupid to begin with for an ESO game and only reason it was added it cos the the dev are the same people who did DAOC (where it worked great) and its there thing. When lot of people asked them to remove this faction limitation they said no and how removing it will affect the PvP. Now what? Pre purchase (i.e. pay extra) and we will remove it! This should tell us something about the people who are behind this game…

The right thing to do now is, apologies to player for not knowing how to design a game and remove this race faction limitation for all player …
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