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January 29th, 2014, 23:57
Relics start as pathetic but unbreakable items. They get upgraded with your XP.
By the time you manage to bring them on level 4 (max), it won't really affect the balance, much XP is needed. In fact you'll probably find a first ingame relic before any of these 4 get a level.

But since those are unbreakable, you won't be returning to towns frequently to repair items just because your favorite sword/shield/armor got broken and is 10+% less effective.

Just to credit point 3. in the original post. That guy got it completely right about earth magic. It's not just early OP school, but stays OP the whole game as once grandmastered in act 3 with the spell set it gives you'll plain adore your druid or shaman.

Which means, do please take a druid or shaman with you and work on the earth grandmastery on him.
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