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January 30th, 2014, 08:54
Originally Posted by rjshae View Post
Encumbrance remains a bit of an odd concept. About the closest I could come to a physical interpretation was as a measure of the typical moment of inertia, which determines how hard it is to change the rate of rotation of an object. If you're spinning around in combat, then your MoI is a significant factor in how well you can maneuver.
I think it's always been an issue where the rules are best accepted, and then forgotten about, in RPGs. In real life, soldiers may be carrying 100 pounds of gear, but when they're actually tactical, the packs are not on their backs, they are on the ground, and probably not even nearby. Troops doing dungeon delving, for instance, would set up a little base camp and send out one or more patrol to do the "exploring". Once they had everything covered that was in easy range of their base camp, they'd move their base camp forward, and start the whole process over again. On patrol, they'd be carrying only what they need. Weapons, food, ammo, 1st aid kit, maybe a poncho to use as blanket. That kind of thing. Of course, this isn't practical to replicate in a game, so they don't do it.

As far as "encumbrance", the biggest issue besides the actual weight of the load is how the load is positioned. Anything that changes your center of gravity is going to make movement awkward and unnatural. Especially if it's up high, like a pack. Put a heavy enough pack on and try to stand up straight, you'll fall over backwards. Try to run and you'll find yourself practically on all fours trying to keep that pack balanced without being shoved face first into the ground by the weight. Of course, a pack has to be pretty heavy before the issue becomes so acute, though

EDIT: Forgot to mention that while I've been trying really hard not to get my hopes up for these big ticket kickstarters, this is looking really good!
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