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January 31st, 2014, 11:07
In the TDE ruleset you have 3 values for your melee weapon talents. The actual Talent Value (TV), the Attack Value (AV) and the Parry Value (PV).

The TV can be increased by spending AP (Adventure Points, in fact experience points).
Each point of the TV may now be spent to either AV or PV. Thus you can build a character that is stronger in parrying and weaker in attacking (or vice versa).

The are 2 more values to be considered, being the Attack Base Value (BAV) and Parry Base Value (BPV), which are derived from attributes (like strength, agility etc.) and are invariant for every weapon class.
The final attack value with a certain weapon is the ATB plus the AV with the certain weapon. (Final parry value is analogous.)

For example the charakter Alrik has a BAV of 9 and a BPV of 8. The talent value for "Axes and Maces" is 10. As a more offensive fighter, he spends 6 points to attack and 4 points to parry, resulting in final AV of 15 and final PV of 12 (for "Axes and Maces" only).

If you can believe some guy at steam discussions forums, the actual hit chance for a normal attack is 60%+(AV-PV)*5%, where AV is the attackers AV and PV the defenders PV. (This works completely different in PnP btw.)
The hit chance is capped at 95% respectiveley 5%, because a dice 20 roll is simulated, where 1 is always a hit and 20 a miss.

Too make it a little more complicated, each actual weapon has a AT and PV modifier, giving you boni or mali to final AV and final PV.

In PnP ruleset you may only change the distribution to attack/parry at the moment you increase the skill itself, this can't be changed afterwards. That's different in Blackguards where you are more flexible and may change it any time you like.
Additionally in the PnP ruleset the distribution of attack and parry may not differ more than 5 points. I don't know if this applies to Blackguards too.
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