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January 31st, 2014, 13:05
Originally Posted by Io-Daedalic View Post
Still if you take a look at BG's standing in the Steam charts, we're almost always exceeding TBS by far and even MMX most of the time. I think that is remarkable even though TBS was released over a week ago already. We're quite content here, to say the least.
Excellent news! I hope this means you will make Blackguards 2 then. Hopefully the possible sequel will have a bit more open exploration of the world, having not just a world map and then tactical maps, but intermediate "adventure maps" too. Oh, and a better battle log would be grand, showing dice rolls etc. Anyway, a BIG thank you for an excellent game! More plz!

For those wondering about the rule set, check out the following site (AFAIK, the Daedalic guys have given their approval of this and the info should be accurate): Blackguards Guide. Also, while the game sadly does not show the "under the hood" stuff very well (like dice rolls), the tooltips at least do give some useful information, like what attributes affect what talents, etc.

By the way, is there a good site detailing the world and lore of TDE's world of Aventuria in English. I've become interested in the world, but most sites about it are in German, but ich spreche nicht Deutch.

Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
If so, would it be better to come back when my party is at a higher level? I heard the Dwarf game is a real bitch.

*Edit* Did the Dragon cave, it was pretty easy. Was Naugrim's axe the only thing in there or did I miss something?
I don't think you missed anything in the Dragon's Cave. IIRC, Naurim's axe was the only thing I found there too. As to the Dwarf Games, yup they can be a real bitch, but if you have Niam with you (i.e. having 4 party members), it is doable. It took me awhile, like 6+ restarts, but eventually I made it through and it wasn't just pure luck that got me through.
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