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February 1st, 2014, 11:17
It is interesting to see the additional tweaks and changes they add with each new iteration…but also frustrating because it still seems quite far from done. The load times remain abysmal - although that maybe because they have compiled in debug mode (?I surmise?) and not optimized any of the loading code. Still don't like the camera constraints with limited rotation- I hope they remove that eventually, unless there is a compelling reason not. I see they have beefed up the first encounter (the only one I have tried - don't want to do too much ;-) - which is good. Sometime spells seem counter intuitive in their effects - like that magic fire bolt. Seems it can hit anyone if they are two close? Unless that is a bug. In the original alphas there was this frost blast spell, which it turns out, is a line along the ground so I blasted all my allies. This was not clear from the description. Dialiogs are also a bit clunky with all conversation topics remaining even if they have been discussed. The game needs a lot of polishing and tweaking yet.
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