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February 1st, 2014, 19:52
Imho the character dialogue design is exactly as it would be in a movie or in a game with voice over. And that is why it doesn't work with texts.

In a movie you have a voice to identify the character. Even if you are not looking at the character you know who is speaking due to the voice.
In Banner Saga the perspective is randomly switching between characters, you are not even told who you actually are. Sometimes you can chose, sometimes the guy you play is answering himself, it's a catastrophe because you are thrown into it and it's so random.
I would have prefered a simple "ego perspective" dialogue (like in asian graphic novel games), a system where you got "left and right" dialogue partners. Or just a static screen with bubbles. Like the one In the very beginning of chapter one.
Imho the solution they took was the worst possible. And to throw in political disussions with lots of names doesn't make it easier.

Had no problems with the interface in fight though. Just missing information in the skill description and that the order could have been made more visible (you needed to click on each unit to see where they are).
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