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February 2nd, 2014, 00:09
are you any good at combat?
Depends… If it's clickfest, then no. If it needs some thinking, then noone can beat me.

Do you read everything you see,
No. I start reading everything but if it's crappy, I stop reading. Yea, I suck. On the other hand, some games had so good writing I replayed just because I wanted to reread the whole story once again!

leave no stone unturned?
I leave no stone unturned. Unless turning a stone causes a bug. And I hate when that happens.

Do you want to see every pixel on the map?
Not really. Just those that matter. Useless stuff please leave for multiplayer mode.

Do you want to try out different dialogue options and quicksave and reload after trying different things?
Nah, that's what's replay for. However if there (and usually) is a bugged sequence in the dialogue, I like to have a quicksave prepared.

I'd say I'm in that 100 hours group, right?
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