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February 2nd, 2014, 03:19
By all means, I wholeheartedly apologize and ask for your forgiveness. It was a pigheaded judgement to make, and saying that I'm met too many people online who don't care, who go out of their way to save a dime on every game then whine when those very games stop being made doesn't change it being wrong to put it all on you. I also met my fair share of people who just outright attack Kickstarter despite never backing a single project, as if it's their holy quest to destroy the reputation of all developers who use crowdfunding.

Anyways, yeah, I was wrong.

DArtagnan… why are you here if all RPGs are underwhelming cash grabs?! People like you confuse me. You have nothing but hate for something you claim to be a hobby.

guenthar, EXACTLY, publisher greed. That's why crowdfunding is so thrilling and why I'm so for giving money to devs whenever possible. Everything we can do to keep franchises in the hands of the devs that understand them, the better for us all.

I came across very preachy and "high and mighty" but it's because I love the classic western RPG so much, and seeing a chance for new classics to make a return I don't want it to end. Sure Baldur's Gate and Planescape: Torment were underwhelming cash grabs, but they were some of the most imaginative, complex and outright fun cash grabs I've ever had the pleasure to be suckered by. If the new underwhelming cash grabs can be as underwhelming and cash grabby as those games, sign me up.
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