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February 3rd, 2014, 17:53
Originally Posted by greywolf00 View Post
Auto begin would eliminate the ability to place units and on some maps that's a big deal (not to mention it just erodes some tactical depth).

The screen is either A) Centered on who's speaking (which is also marked with their name) or B) Centered on who's answering in which case, the person who asked the question still has their name on the screen and a minipicture of the character next to it.
I agree that placing units is an important part of the tactical element of this game. But I find in certain combat situations, especially if I have multiple Varl on my roster, there aren't enough spaces to choose from… I'm not enitrely sure yet if this is affected by what option I make during war segments (e.g., Charge!, Formations, etc.) or what.

I think I did find the way dialogue was set up initially somewhat confusing at first. Yes you can figure it out but there were definitely a few situations where I had to stop and think about it, which is jarring. It is not a big issue but does seem like it was set up with the intention of putting in voice overs and then they realized at some point that they wouldn't have enough in their budget to pay for additional voice acting.
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