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February 5th, 2014, 03:30
But it's sad to see these low scores in some reviews where you can also find in the descripton that the tester didn't "appreciate" the old school design.

Sure the game isn't perfect and could have been better with some polish. But giving it a 5.5 based on
Might and Magic X is an unabashedly old school RPG experience that, despite one or two high notes, often only serves to remind us why so many of these mechanics were relegated to history.
or 6.0 with
Hardcore fans of old school western RPG’s may have a good time, but the majority will find it confusing and uninspired.
If I don't like sports games I won't test them.
It probably depends on the perspective and of course there are always people loving a game, even if it is horrible. But I think someone who tests the game should at least be within the target audience.

So in a way Spiderweb is lucky that their games are rarely tested by such sites as they wouldn't "understand" it. Maybe they would have received a higher score if there was a stamp with "Indie Developer" on it instead of "Ubisoft" as it in this case it's somehow ok when it's for a niche only.

I just hope that Ubisoft understands to interprete average scores and that the sales go well.
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