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February 5th, 2014, 16:07
So I'm around level 23 and 30ish hours into the game. I still thin it is a 7ish game for the following reasons:
a) poor world layout esp with transition from mega easy to mega hard. Remember this game has absolutely no method of escape so if you place a mega hard critter next to a mega easy critter the only method of escape is reload (there is no sensible method provided to determine in advance that the critter is mega hard). Now perhaps most of you feel that constant reload is a reasonable game mechanic but somehow it feels very emersive breaking to myself.

b) virtually no tactics. This might be in line with 'old school' rpg but does that make it a great game ? When I say tactics the tactic in this game consist of which skills you pick during level up and which skills you use during combat. I'm not saying that combat is 'unfun' but rather it could be much better.

c) some very annoying bugs. If you are willing to accept constant reloads (ala point a) then I have to admit these bugs are not such a hassle since you have to constantly reload anyways.
On the plus side I think teh graphics are fine; the performance is fine (yes there are a few areas where frame-rate drops to 5ish but it is not a big deal this is not a real time game and those areas are relatively infrequent. No major game ending bugs (yet) but I've heard a few whisper that there are a few. No crashes (I think people with windows 32 bit have a harder time). Interesting dungeon crawl (so far); goodish impelmentation for secret rooms; some interesting quests and some interesting puzzle though a few of them i've resorted to google due to impatience.
Its not a bad game but it has a lot of flaws. Having said that I do agree with the opinion here that a reviewer who hates tbs or rpg should not be reviewing this game.
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