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February 5th, 2014, 22:07
Originally Posted by SpoonFULL View Post
That's japanese style of gaming - its like the arcade platform games of the past where you have to navigate through one million traps, bombs, lasers and what not to get to the other side of the screen through trial and error, but mainly luck. It looks impossible but there is a way.

In Dark Souls it is similar but at least you can go elsewhere before re-attempting.

I don't mind something that is naturally difficult when the game rules are fair, but when the game rules are unfair or not logical then difficulty is replaced by furstration.

I think that there is this form of game rule 'bending' in Dark Souls in the combat mechanics (as I discussed in a previous thread) and, as the article indicates, in enemy or boss AI just for the sake of difficulty.
It's funny that you say this, I've always compared it to megaman where you fight through the entire level just to get to the boss and inevitably die. Then repeat until you learn the pattern of the boss and beat it so you can continue on.

I'm not debating whether this design is good or bad that's just what it reminds me of.
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