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February 6th, 2014, 01:30
Originally Posted by Pongo View Post
Looks really promising. Loved the bit where the bridge fell in - its like a turn based NWN with destructable environments… which frankly sounds ace.
Thanks Pongo. I played some NWN and enjoyed it somewhat, though there was something indefinable lacking. I missed out on NWN2, though I hear Mask of the Betrayer was excellent. I probably should pick up NWN2: MOB to leverage some good ideas!

My original goal for Subterranea was to take a game concept similar to the ancient Pool of Radiance into a modern engine, and also add a lot more that you've previously only found in pen and paper RPGs, rather than CRPGs. Like destroying environments, emergent gameplay from physics, non-combat solutions like feigning death, environment puzzles like abseiling, etc. Turn-based combat with a huge amount of depth will still be the focus, however I think there's more CRPGs can do to get closer to the PnP experience…
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