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February 7th, 2014, 06:37
Current games:

ME3 - 57 Adept on Insanity to the Utukku queen part at the moment
*Alright game. Definitely need to play it on higher difficulty to have any sort of challenge. Good story though..I thought.

DA2 - 7 Vanguard on Nightmare just starting out
*Laughable on normal. Ok story..very very short game. Kinda boring characters.

DDO - 7sorc 2fvs on 2nd Sorcerer life (16sorc,2fvs,2pally) - already completionist
*Best dungeon crawler out right now even if a bit limited. Required to repeat dungeons to get anywhere. Can be played completely f2p if done correctly.

Game of Thrones - Currently on Chapter 6: Alester
*So far a bit boring…found myself mashing the skip button a lot.

Anarchy Online - Just hit 200 on my Nanomage Fixer..lol..not sure of my next project
*Best character development in any game and one of the best equipment systems. Also very outdated and poorly managed

STO - Fully loaded torpscort (all torpedos, fire while cloaked) current project
*Great for a space game..alright for a ground game. Very good for a free game. Can play completely free if done right.

Defiance - Heavy gunner (Machine Gun) with ammo replenish procs
*Very repetitive and just not much to it. Go in, shoot shit, and collect ark drops. Rinse; repeat.

Path of Exile - 41 IB Marauder & 31 ETK Scion
*Advanced diablo clone but much better. Interesting barter money system and a very decent skill system. I like that spells/abilities are in the socket gems not learned by characters.

Playing more stuff but those are the memorable ones and the ones not currently under NDA =/
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