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February 11th, 2014, 13:26
I've just done a post about the Party Formation functionality in Subterranea (probably not front page newsworthy Couch!):


If in-depth tactical combat is implemented well, positioning is critical. And when positioning is critical, getting your party formation right is the first thing you need to do. Given the importance of getting the party formation right in Subterranea, I’ve implemented a flexible Party Formation window to allow you to position your characters exactly where you want them:

You can drag your party portraits exactly where you want them to be in formation, and when you click to set your destination, they will form up around the spot represented by the multi-arrow icon in the center. Want your Barbarian to be half a step behind your Fighter? Done. Want your Wizard to be 12 diagonal feet from your Rogue? No problem.

Here’s a shot of a 6 character party moving in the formation set by dragging the portraits around in the Party Formation window above:

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