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February 12th, 2014, 06:58
IMO this list missed one of the biggest problems with Skyrim, that being the poor quality of the game. It's a bug-ridden sloppy mess and they made the very little effort to fix the game even as sales are still strong! I don't understand why the community isn't more upset with them.

From the outside it seems like they need to hire more/better programmers for one. At first, the PC version didn't even have the most basic of compile flags set which is embarrassing for Bethesda. They had problems with the PS3 version and I put the blame on them for that too. It just screams to me loud and clear that their post-release support has been near the bottom in the industry. This is also true for Fallout 3 and Obliv. All three of the games are now abandonware.
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