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February 12th, 2014, 14:41
My wishlist:
1. Remove levelscaling except for bosses
2. Remove endless respawns
3. Outsource bards (to malukah for example) instead of using Bethesda staff to sing songs, outsource PC UI to SkyUI designers
4. Remove grind/fetch so-called radiant schemes or mark them in a way we know those are not worth our time, keep them away from regular questchains so we don't see crap design like Skyrim thieves guild
5. Patch the bloody logic (variables) quest bugs instead of patching crashes so rare that 0.000001% of players will see those
6. Set 0 lbs on all nonremovable from inventory (quest) items and then there is no need to patch possible bugs on those
7. Patch the chainsaw sound coming from vibrating books that are made of paper, stop dead spiders dance, stop waving tails of dead animals and animalbased creatures
8. Make all passages wider by default so Lydia can't block those or set followers default behavior to keep away at least 2 feet from you
9. Don't go Sims DLC, and I'm not talking about number of DLC but about quality and content (crap design of house&kids DLC)

That'd be it.
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