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February 12th, 2014, 15:42
I was very disappointed by the non interactive travel, i really thought they would have picked up both the wish from fans + the influence from widely popular RDR and GTA.

No interest in co-op, not that i would mind, but the whole game would have to be based around it, it would take up development time that i'd rather see spent on other things.

More varied environments absolutely, it was also disappointing, or that the variation that is there is just rather dull.. For example i liked the frozen marshes, but that area is explored in 2 minutes. The game seems far too driven by the concept ideas, some which doesnt work out as well in-game as on paper/in artwork.. Oblivion was terrible here as well (and i guess FO3 too), you would have thought they'd learn from that, but no..

And yes, maybe its time for them to move away completely from this really, really buggy engine. It's certainly lame of them to say it's a completely different engine and still it has the same bugs as for example FO3 and Oblivion. The terrible looking Z-Fighting is just one example. It's too bad mods could suffer greatly if they do this, the tools we have (nifskope etc) are really powerful.
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