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February 12th, 2014, 16:10
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
And yes, maybe its time for them to move away completely from this really, really buggy engine. It's certainly lame of them to say it's a completely different engine and still it has the same bugs as for example FO3 and Oblivion. The terrible looking Z-Fighting is just one example. It's too bad mods could suffer greatly if they do this, the tools we have (nifskope etc) are really powerful.
Definitely. Although a new engine would not only demand an investment of time and money on their part but also an overhaul to the plethora of modder's tools, it's past time Bethesda got away from Gamebryo. It's plain buggy… And whoever heard of a save system designed to make a sandbox world more unstable the longer you explore?!

I doubt they will do so, however. Why change things when you can continue patching, repatching, tweaking, or simply ignoring issues altogether to still wind up with 20 million units sold?
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