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February 12th, 2014, 18:16
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
9. Don't go Sims DLC, and I'm not talking about number of DLC but about quality and content (crap design of house&kids DLC)
A lot good and some unreasonable entries, but this is the one I have to go with HELL NO.

Once I heard about Hearthfire, I freely admit that I was kinda looking forward to the house building but the adoption system? "I'll probably won't use that…"
I actually remember saving in front of the orphanage, adopting a kid and quickly reload the last save, just to get the stupid achievement.

Mods changed that. More precisely, 2 cute Khajiit kids changed that - "At least you can try it out". That trying out became more. A lot more.
They gave me reason to head home beyond the point of dropping loot. I caught myself following those two brats for hours, just to see how they live and what they are doing when I'm not around. They gave me roleplaying and immersion value and a reason to go on.
So much so, that I made a little video series about them called My Skyrim Khajiit and Argonian kids.

Some may derogatory consider Hearthfire a Sims in Skyrim - for me it put in more rolepalying then any other DLC did.
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