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February 15th, 2014, 08:23
VaatiVidya says "Some of the stronger" armors.

He is also one of the huge fanboys of #1 that has played some of the final version of #2 and seems to like it quite a bit. Puts my mind a bit at ease at this point. I haven't seen any of his lore videos but I think he has a firm grasp of #1 (and probably has put way more time on it than my 130 or so hours across two playthroughs ) so I expect that the core of the game at least looks intact…

Generally speaking I do expect a different game for #2. I think it was obvious even from the first big batch of screens Namco released a few weeks ago. A bit lighter in tone and mood (perhaps) a bit more exposition and a bit more accommodating in easing new players in (*). The rest should just be Dark Souls (I have also spoiled myself a bit with Vaati's early impressions and things sound quite good).

The only stuff I've heard and don't like are things like early warping and the soul respecc item and being allowed to level up only on one place/NPC. But the first two at least can be ignored (mostly, you will have to warp to lvl up of course) even more easily than that silly "early access" preorder bonus (at least we can be thankfull that they haven't done anything as dumb as exclusive )

(* I actually suspect/hope a Gothic 1 to Gothic 2 sort of transition: A more unique in setting tone and atmosphere game to an almost equally atmospheric but a bit lighter and at places a tiny bit more streamlined, but generally more polished, competently made and meaty game. If we are talking g2 + NOTR that is. I would be perfectly fine with that Now lets wait and see…)
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