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February 15th, 2014, 20:08
Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
I can't see this being a skyrim killer because even though it open world I see it as a different kind of game, also I still have to play Geralt and no full mod support.
That would be the biggest flaw in comparison to Skyrim: no customization of the character. I can't see how any game can top Skyrim without it. People nowadays don't like to be locked up in a predefined character, open world or not, I find it hard to see how any open-world game would ever top Skyrim's popularity with this flaw. Maybe it would be very popular, but not quiet.

I remember a game (a rare gem, in my opinion) that got bad opinions: L.A. Noire. It happened to diverge from the open-world and multi-choice formula that Rockstar company used before. And its great story, plot, interesting cases, etc., didn't help. That's why I'm wary of these Skyrim comparisons: they try to attract the Skyrim crowd, and I think the idea is that it's basically Skyrim with plot, but such a game might not be what they expect, just like what happened with GTA fans who played L.A. Noire expecting to see GTA. Does it make sense?

Originally Posted by Wisdom View Post
The majority of the gaming community that follows Witcher 3 doesn't care about the books, the originality, the prequals etc.
True. Even though I read all the books, I consider the games to be a separate alternative to them.
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