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February 17th, 2014, 04:25
Just need somewhere to note down all my negative experiences with this game. A sort of exorcism if you will. Not really bashing the game as I still think this game is better than a lot I've played.

1) This opening vignette is really… I dunno… garden fete?

2) Ooohhh… there's something weird about this combat, can't put my finger on it.

3) Please end this cut-scene.

4) Ak, switching players in combat makes my character go auto.

5) I'm a Paladin so I have to refuse rewards and utilise the good and lawful points, but all the best stuff is handed out as rewards. And yet the game still requires that I loot everyone's house without repercussion. Ak, breaking a box damages items, I'm gonna need a Rogue the whole game. When do I get a Rogue?

6) 45 minutes of cut-scene? Really?

7) Solve party member's quest for them. They offer me a reward. I graciously/politely accept. Companion gives me -4 for accepting the gift. Re-do the level, reply no instead of yes, companion gives me +4 - that's an 8 point swing based off of an impossible choice. I get to keep and wear the gift either way.

8) So I go to chat with a quest NPC. The second I start talking, my entire posse runs off-screen to fight bad-guys I didn't even know were there. I process the entire quest dialogue to the backdrop of AAAGGGHH, OOOO, DIE, CLASH, CHINK, KA-BOOM, ARGGHHHH.

9) I realise the game doesn't pause in dialogue. I also realise that buffs are based on seconds rather than rounds. I also realise most boss fights have cut-scenes which last more than a minute or two. I realise pre-buffing is going to be a tough nut to crack.

10) My Rogue is such an expert thief that she blurts out "I can't wait to rob your ancestor's home" at the top of her voice in front of the descendant. And no-one cares except for me, who has to make a -1 choice of influence between whoever she's forcing me to make a decision with.

11) I really can't get the hang of how to make puppet combat work. Just when I think I've nailed it, the camera dries me so crazy I have to turn puppet off again. There's no way to 'select all'.

12) I did a quest to save a girl. She then spoils her own rescue by raising all the bodies of the dead bad-guys as shadows. She then refuses to stay put. The shadows kill her. I can see no way I could have completed this quest via logic.

13) The collector's riddle was unsolvable. The entire collector's quest made no sense at all. How does a Rogue prove they are the best rogue by barging into someone's house and killing everyone except a group of servants who will tell everyone in the city what happened. Also I let the collector live - won't he tell everyone? Why wasn't this just a stats test for thief skills rather than a bar-room brawl. Did I mention the riddle was also unsolvable.

14) People have stopped offering me rewards and the whole points for reward refusal has ended.

15) The companions are coming so thick and fast I have no idea what to do with them all. The first two, Khulgar and Neeshka seem to have obvious quests and decent personalities and I'm now attached enough to them to be loathe to exclude them. I also need a Rogue and a Tank, so that's ideal really. I try to initiate quest for the others, but I have no idea how to. I walk around with them and nothing happens. But I keep getting Qara cut-scenes without motivation for them.

16) It keeps forcing new companions on me. Ok, Shandra, fine, another Tank. But jeez, it's like every new map has a new forced companion forcing me to dump the one I had only just got used to.

17) CTD after letting a cut-scene zoom me to a quest location (when you let the kids in the pub and they tell you about something or other quest). I refuse the quick jump and leave by the door and everything's fine.

18) Cut-scenes keep asking me if I want to go somewhere before I've looted the area. Then doesn't give me that option after I've looted. Gets better later on though, as if they knew about this problem, but, well, whatever.

19) The way the companions dive across traps to attack enemies is verging on the insanity-causing. The ploy of monsters standing behind traps is also so repetative as to be predictable anyway.

20) Now that I have maxed saves and will likely never lose a save, rolls of 3 to fail a trap save start to come more repeatedly (3 in a row in the same dungeon) and, later, with even better saves, two rolls of 1 in the space of a couple of rooms. I die to what appears to be a death spell, but the logs don't even show a save took place nor that a spell was cast nor that I took any damage.

21) Deekin has stopped trading. The most important trader at this point in the game has a flat-out bug.

22) I spend an hour trying to figure out the Axle quest, only to learn it's another bug relating to the Rogue-line rather than the Watchman-line of questing.

23) The trader in the Old Well area doesn't want any Adamantine no matter what I bring her.

24) I can't get my list of feats to include 'Craft Magic Arms and Armour' and I've been keeping an eye out for it for about 10 levels. None of my party seem to have it, and even if they did, like Sand for example, how would he cast a Priest spell?

25) I've got more crafting equipment than any single person in Neverwinter, but I can't use one bit of it, and even if I could, the materials that would actually be useful are gated behind levels where I'll find those items anyway.

26) There are no instructions on how to play the Keep game nor how the timing works nor some idea of how or what I'm supposed to be targeting towards.

27) Turning off the lights for the ghosts was a verbal quest, not a written quest, but it turned out that the lights were tools for the original quest, not a quest in itself. I got no exp for turning out all the lights.

28) I made peace with the Bugbears. I met them outside and they went away. I went back in the crypt and could still not open the door as I only had two items. I despaired as to where the third item was. I went and did another quest. When I later came back the Bugbears were back in the crypt all of a sudden…

29) Cannot die while on Frenzy? Really? So I have to cheese-run to counter a cheese mechanic. marvelous. I did find it hugely funny that the Water Elemental also got teleported back to the Flagon, lol.

30) There was no personal chest in the Flagon.

31) I don't want to spend all my cash on a siege tower when I know I'll have to fight the boss at some point whatever I do.

32) Yeah, I know, you were supposed to save the spider. Sorry, too convoluted for me, I just CBA'd to kill 30 Goblins via an obvious 'plot-twist', especially as it would mean breaking my word, which Paladins… oh, nevermind

33) Every other drop or store 'exciting' weapon is some obscure weapon that no sane person would pick on their first play-through (except maybe warmace), not one single 'fun' Longsword from start to Keep.

34) Why is Dwarven Scouts still on my map when it's completely dead. Why aren't the Dwarves making hay there now that they've just spent years and lives trying to find the place - just to leave it empty?

35) Do I need to kit-out every single one of y companions? That's going to cost 100,000s. I feel like I aught to sell everything they have to save it being wasted as soon as the game decides to kill them or make them leave or whatever at whatever point (non-regulars with no influence).

36) Two shards with +1 to stats. Really? Yeah, so… super-powered… like maybe for a lvl 1 character…

37) Oh great statues, give me AWESOME… some minor crappy buff for two rounds… oh, er, yeah, that'll show that demon/thing… If I even get time to trigger 5 buffs in a heated battle that's probably going to be some kind of wave-thing anyway.

I'll do more as I encounter them.

As I say, don't take this as a critique, it's not really, it's just me exorcising.
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