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February 17th, 2014, 14:14
Yep, can agree in all points
And I also act myself as the character. An "idealized me" in a different world. That's also why I always play male characters and hate it when the game forces me into bad decisions. Skyrim had a few horrible quests in that matter: E.g. a quest where you couldn't move on unless you sacrifice one of your companions or a quest where you had to steal something and had no option to to give it away to the guards. So I had to either keep the quest unfinished in my quest log forever - or reload and don't even accept it.

The cam in dead speace really was unconventional. But that also made me stop playing the game 2 times. Only after the third time, when friends told me how great the game is and that you get used to the camera after a while I tried again and finished the game.
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