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February 18th, 2014, 07:14
Worst game play I can remember? Xenosaga 2. The story was still good at that point but the game play… the combat… yuck. Why would you design a combat system where the only method that really works is to just sit there for three turns then unleash a big combo, then sit there for three MORE turns to do another combo? After that travesty they had to take the rest of the saga they were planning to do and cram it all into one game.

I've likely forgotten even worse games, though. I play for a few hours, I uninstall, and I never think of the game again… not an easy thing to remember.

Some games were great fun for their time but their time is so far gone now that the game seems really horrible… Atari's Superman game jumps to mind. (Friggin kryptonite satellites which somehow manage to lurk in the city subway….)
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