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February 18th, 2014, 06:15
Originally Posted by Pladio View Post
So the point is not to be an OS, but rather to be a way from which people play games from ?
Instead of downloading games from GOG, Gamersgate or Steam, you end up doing everything from Steam and playing directly from the OS ?
Well obviously they hope you chose Steam first amongst your options and would see it as the default. Nothing to stop you from buying linux compatable games from Desura, Gamersgate or any other source you can find.

Gamersgate Linux Games
Desura Linux Games (Linux client currently in beta)

Also Amazon and GoG sell a large number of direct download games that do have native linux versions, they just don't sell those versions. In fact most of their games which already come with a copy of dosbox could be expected to work likely as easily and well as they do on new versions of windows even though they don't have native linux versions.

Not much stopping either of them from jumping in and giving Steam some decent competition i the linux games market, except it maybe not being worth it from a cost/benefit standpoint to resign reseller agreements and create linux installers/downlaoders. Interestingly, that analysis would change if there were large numbers of users running SteamOS out there. In a way SteamOS's success would be likely to bring more robust competition in at least the sale and in part distribution of games to linux users by making it a more attractive market segment for existing potential competitors to enter into.
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