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February 18th, 2014, 23:41
I'm shocked that this game isn't getting many posts on the forums. Compared to Blackguards and MMX, Eschalon is a known commodity. This is the 3rd game in the series and the game seems to have been fairly popular in the past.

I still don't know what is next on BW's agenda, but as this is the last game in the series, I picked it up on Gog. Graphically it is very outdated; 1024X768 is the max resolution and its the 90's tile based look rather than anything from this century. If you can look past that, it feels just like the other two games; at least in the beginning. Same old character creation, same old barrels and chests, same old challenges if you play the game as a pacifist, without stealing, etc. I'm not really sure what took so long between games unless this game is just a monster in actual size. The tech is very, very old and all of the subsystems have barely been tweaked if there are any changes at all.

You still start with no skills as a blank slate character even though this is the 3rd game in the series and you're playing the same character in all three. Reveal map has finally been fixed so that anything you uncover with the spell stays on your map permanently. This is a VERY welcome change as you no longer need the cartography skill.

That's my initial impressions. I enjoy these old style games in spite of all the negatives. There simplicity and familiarity just make it real easy to jump right in without reading a manual or waiting for 30 minutes of CGI.
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