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February 19th, 2014, 00:47
A tricky answer.

You start alone. Then you get temporarily 2 members from which only one will remain on your side till the end of a game - you choose which one.
One is male human mage, another female halfelven ranger - both are capable of casting spells and on both you can improve bows and/or staves. However, humans and elves have some different spells, for example humans can summon fire elemental but not animals, elves summon animals but not elementals.
In any case, you get a spellcasting sidekick.

The whole first part of the game is easy that's why you'll get two more NPCs only in the next town. A fighter proficient in axes and a thief with some social skills.

The final partymember NPC is again a fighter and you'll play for hours till you get him. He comes with some social skills which means, don't push those too much on other members.

I took elven spellweaver and this time I ditched staves and swords but upped fencing weapons on him. Why did I do that? The character creation allows you to make some travestic combinations, I'll write it in the TRoT subforum later what I did with my poor character. Oh and you get early an OP fencing weapons recipe plus you can make the woundinflicting hit with that weapon type and there is no decent staff in the game to buy/loot anywhere.

Yes I had two mages early, had no problems anywhere with that party setup, the second mage got kicked out later and is now just making me pots with maxed alchemy.
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