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February 19th, 2014, 16:43
It's a pretty long post, so I'll just make a few comments here and there.

Originally Posted by MinorityReport View Post
1) This opening vignette is really… I dunno… garden fete?

2) Ooohhh… there's something weird about this combat, can't put my finger on it.

3) Please end this cut-scene.

6) 45 minutes of cut-scene? Really?
Yeah, the start is too long and tiresome. It's the main reason I don't replay NWN2 more often.

Originally Posted by MinorityReport View Post
11) I really can't get the hang of how to make puppet combat work. Just when I think I've nailed it, the camera dries me so crazy I have to turn puppet off again. There's no way to 'select all'.
There is a select all button. I don't remember exactly where or which combat mode was required, but it definitely exists. I used it a lot.

Originally Posted by MinorityReport View Post
13) The collector's riddle was unsolvable. The entire collector's quest made no sense at all. How does a Rogue prove they are the best rogue by barging into someone's house and killing everyone except a group of servants who will tell everyone in the city what happened. Also I let the collector live - won't he tell everyone? Why wasn't this just a stats test for thief skills rather than a bar-room brawl. Did I mention the riddle was also unsolvable.
Yes indeed, I never really figured out this quest. "Breaking in"? Huh? It was more of a bull rush than anything else, and proved nothing at all. On top of that, my shard bearer is usually a member of the Watch and would surely get in trouble with Nasher after the most obvious massacre/robbery of all time. Killing a dozen guards (who are not criminals by any means; just regular guards) is a terrible crime. The shard bearer would be topping the most wanted list instantly.

Originally Posted by MinorityReport View Post
24) I can't get my list of feats to include 'Craft Magic Arms and Armour' and I've been keeping an eye out for it for about 10 levels. None of my party seem to have it, and even if they did, like Sand for example, how would he cast a Priest spell?
Sand can get it, and he makes a great crafter overall, but he can't craft everything, so Elanee or Zhjaeve has to get it as well if you want the priest related stuff.

Originally Posted by MinorityReport View Post
32) Yeah, I know, you were supposed to save the spider. Sorry, too convoluted for me, I just CBA'd to kill 30 Goblins via an obvious 'plot-twist', especially as it would mean breaking my word, which Paladins… oh, nevermind
The massive spider is not part of the quest for the goblins. Only the other spiders.

Originally Posted by MinorityReport View Post
34) Why is Dwarven Scouts still on my map when it's completely dead. Why aren't the Dwarves making hay there now that they've just spent years and lives trying to find the place - just to leave it empty?
They'll go away at a certain point in the game and into their Stronghold.

Originally Posted by MinorityReport View Post
35) Do I need to kit-out every single one of y companions? That's going to cost 100,000s. I feel like I aught to sell everything they have to save it being wasted as soon as the game decides to kill them or make them leave or whatever at whatever point (non-regulars with no influence).
Not really, but with crafting you can make pretty decent gear for most of them without it costing a fortune.

Originally Posted by MinorityReport View Post
37) Oh great statues, give me AWESOME… some minor crappy buff for two rounds… oh, er, yeah, that'll show that demon/thing… If I even get time to trigger 5 buffs in a heated battle that's probably going to be some kind of wave-thing anyway.
Haha, those buffs are borderline useless. I hardly ever use them.
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