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February 22nd, 2014, 01:22
Still bouncing off of random stuff.

Messed around with Majesty 2 for awhile. Fairly interesting and I like the mechanic of using incentives to get heroes to do stuff rather than straight ordering them around.

Tried some Farcry 3 yesterday. Some of the character writing is really good imo. I'm used to shooters where you're more of a bullet sponge though which doesn't work well in this game. Not a fan of stealth type gameplay but otherwise, I've enjoyed it so far.

Hero Siege has really surprised me. Rougelike/lite (depending if you play Hardcore or not) in a smallish map with waves of enemies to kill. Fairly basic but a nice little game for short burst gaming.

Nothing has really grabbed me start to finish for awhile. After joxer's glowing review of Drakensang I've been debating about pulling it out of my backlog finally. Debating about doing the same with Gothic 3 and the Risen series. Also, the Codex's top 50 games made me feel like I missed out on VtMB and Arcanum so grabbed them recently too.

I need more free time!!!
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