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February 22nd, 2014, 18:45
… saturday and the day after pibbur attended a Dream Theater concert. It was a "Evening with Dream Theater" show, so they were the only band playing, and the consert lasted for 3 hours. The material was mostly from "Dream Theater", "A Dramatic Turn of Events", "Awake" and "Scenes from a Memory". They sounded heavier than on the albums, which I like. The band seemed very fresh. Lots of humour as well - for instance in the 15 minute mid-concert break they showed a series of youtube videos with covers of DT songs, parodies of the band and its members:

1495: Charles VIII of France becomes Charles something of Naples. Pope Alexander IV, father of the Borgia sieblings (the Clostridiae of Italian nobility according to pibbur), wasn't entirely happy with this, and said Charles' carreer as Italian king didn't last more than a couple of months. 3 years later said Charles died after accidentally striking the intel of a door with his head. Being 191 cm, this worries pibbur a bit.

1909: Great White Fleet (which is not a fleet of Great Whites) returns to the US after slightly more than 80 days circumnavigating the word.

1997: Hello, Dolly (I may have said this before)

Notable first time apearances:
1797: The Last Invasion of Britain.
1819: Florida, owned by the US
1819: 5 million USD, owned by Spain
1983: Moose Murders
2006: Britains biggest Robbery

Notable last time appearances:
1797: Invasion of Britain.
1819: Florida, owned by Spain
1819: 5 million USD, owned by the US
1983: Moose Murders
2006: Ł53 000 000 at a [email protected]

There are somewhat less that 53 000 000 googles for pibbur.

BTW: One of the instruments played by keyboardist Jordan Rudess at the concert was an iPad.

pibbur who thinks that the "Moose murders" is to theater what "Plumbers don't wear Ties" is to gaming. And who still is troubled by the behaviour of his touchpad.
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