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February 24th, 2014, 02:49
Yes, the mods for the NWN series are regularly better than the OCs. I don't have MotB as I have what I believe is simply a OC disc, most likely among the first batch that was shipped, hence why it's riddled with bugs and problems. And on that topic…

41) A lot of items and dialogue is stating the text "Bad Serrrf" or something similar. I thought this was a mechanic at first but I'm now guessing it's more of the bug-fest.

42) I put on some armour and my AC only went up by 1 but the stats suggested it should go up by two. I took off all my gear and began from scratch, but no, another bug.

43) When leveling up it's a complete lottery if I get the correct series of screens during level up, sometimes it will miss attributes or feats, sometimes it will award double skill points, sometimes you wont get the expected save increases.

44) Crafted a +3 adamantine longsword and realised I had enough ingredients to add 2d6 holy damage vs evil (make myself a lesser avenger) and the text said "crafting success" and all the components got used but the sword didn't show any text to suggest the upgrade made it onto the sword. I see no bonus damage in fights. If the crafting is limited to only one upgrade then that is beyond pointless.

45) I have no idea why the game wants me to make 6 different longswords from 6 different metal types in order to fight 6 different monster types differently, it seems like a really pointless and hairbrained over-complication to me.

46) Whoever developed Khelgar's plot-line must be insane. I now have a monk who's using a warhammer… even still, if you kept him as a fighter, why would you guess to put any points in warhammer without knowing?

47) Once again, a cut-scene drags me away from a dead body full of treasure… this time a party-member who the game has decided to kill off not 10 minutes after I had just bought them a 64,000 shield…

48) Oh boy… the cut-scenes from the end of chapter 2 going into chapter 3… ooooh boooy, that was a drag. Well it wasn't at first, but… I died while adjusting to going solo in the castle… and had to reload… all the way back at the start of the cut-scene frenzy in Jerro's hideout… and you… can't… skip… cut-scenes only dialogue.

49) And the cut-scenes just don't stop. It's like stop motion just trying to walk to a vendor to sell the past 2 hours of gameplay's stash, "Can I inform you of this" and "this needs your attention" and, because I've been using my team as pack horses, I have to leave the area, get stuck in another cut-scene, and then come back, just so I can approach the vendors with the equipment.

50) Killed a tough boss, only for the game to CDT upon post-fight chatting. Next three reloads the battle went weirdly much harder.

51) While killing the dragon I noticed it's health kept regenerating, or stopping still at 50%. Dragons aren't known for health regenerating? Anyway, finally killed it in the big punch-up with the giants, it didn't regen then for some reason.

52) I finally have the spare gold to by the amulet of goodness, but it was in blacklake, which seems to have vanished. I had based all my charisma and wisdom plans around purchasing that.

53) I have no idea if I'm supposed to keep wearing all these cloaks the game keeps forcing on me. Let alone that cruddy ornamental longsword.

54) Quest items aren't automatically vanishing after use and it's becoming difficult to second-guess which items might have 'later-use'.

55) The effects for spells, while nice, are, like the scenery, completely dominating. I literally can't see a single character in the middle of a group of elementals or equivalent fire-spells. For some reason the characters sprites seem to have the least visible-priority of anything on the screen.

56) Moving an item into the quickbar seems to trigger its use quite regularly (this may be my mouse though?) which is awkward for single-use items like potions and scrolls.

But yeah, just a list of things. The game itself is still quite nice, trotting along exploring, gearing, leveling, plot-consuming and I do like quite a few of my companions. The X and V keys did nothing for me, so battles are still a pain sometimes, but luckily, on normal (or is it hard? I dunno, the one where spells don't effect party-members but not the easy-peasy setting) the fights aren't too much of the game anyhow, and killing that black dragon did feel gooood!
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