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February 27th, 2014, 21:26
Generally, we stop focusing on the Friday toons once they cap (or slightly before). There's a few people to blame for that and various reasons to blame them, but I'll take a healthy share of the heat. I just don't get overly excited about character development at epic levels. Since I hold Ye Olde Grimoire of Astounding Proportions, I have a certain undue influence on our direction and I tend to favor a fresh wave of TRs. Given the other folks that bear some blame and the logistics involved, it's been a fairly easy sell so far.

Now, as you might have noticed recently, epic seems to be our go-to alternative when we've got absences. That means that (unless someone gets antsy and TRs quickly, which hasn't happened in the past) rather than our current hodge-podge, we'll have the current Friday toons to be those alternative epic toons. If everyone agrees to behave, those toons should stay fairly close together.

I'm open to a different approach if the group desires, but that's the logic behind what we've done in the past.

edit- another reason we've jumped to a new wave is that people tend to be bored with their role after a year or so of playing. If we run to 28/30, people are stuck in their current role for many more months. A TR wave allows people to try new things or return to old things- I'll do my first tour as a trap monkey (with the group, at least); Corwin gets back to his caster roots; Az gets to tinker with some new crazy uber-build; and so forth.
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