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February 28th, 2014, 15:10
Another thing to remember is that from level 1-20 the level requirements for TR (especially TR2+) were quite harsh. So we had to run on elite and with bravery bonus. That meant we had to be very close in level.

When we get to epic Levels you get a lot of XP even on epic normal. We never run on epic elite and most epic hard quests can easily be short manned. On heroic you had to be max 2 Levels about the quest Level on normal to get bravery bonus. On epic you can be 4 Levels above and still get bravery bonus.

So we really don't have to stay as close together at epic Levels as we had on heroic. The main thing is to hit 20 about the same time.

There is actually a reason to play quests at epic. I try to get my toons to Level 28 so I can ETR (epic TR) them back to 20 With an epic feat as a bonus. I actually like this much more than having to farm bad epic destinies. My fighter ETR'ed some weeks ago since he had maxed out most destinies and got twists 4-2-1. When he ETR'ed he could stay in legendary dreadnought. It's actually a lot of fun playing the toon through the Levels in the best Destiny. When he gets to 28 he will be ETR'ed again back to 20 and moved up again.

A good thing about ETR'ing is that you don't lose favor or flagging so you can actually run any quest you want. So my Level 20 fighter can e. g. join a Group of Level 25's doing Demonweb quests.

It's not easy getting guildies to run epic quests. Aletys, Cm and I are the ones usually joining epic quests. So in order to gain Levels we need to pug. Some of the raids are quite fun, like Fall of Truth. So the best way to Ensure we stick together at epic Levels is to actually start playing on epics. I propose that you don't TR all epic toons, but instead run them to Level 28 and then ETR. Then the second epic run though will be much more fun.

There are even some quests we have almost never run together because you TR the epics before you can run them. I think of the Stormhorm quests, Brothers of the forge, A study in Sable quest, Wheloon epic. In U21 we will get another high Level epic quest plus 2 more raids.

So I suggest we play the current Friday Group to 20 and stay together doing epic quests all the way to the top. Then you can decide whether you will TR or just ETR.

The Next Friday Group can be used to alternate between the main Group when we want some variation. We also need to have backup plans when someone don't show. At heroic Level 5-20 it's hard to not do it together since we run on elite. The quests are quite tough so we need to stick together. At epic Levels it doesn't matter as much. Catching up is easier to do. So we can run heroic Levels when we have a full Group and the Friday epic Group when we have absentees.
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