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February 28th, 2014, 20:36
Have to say i actually found this to be better then i thought it would be.
Probably a result of the awful trailers setting my expectations so low but there was significantly less qtes and "cinematic moments" than i expected alltho they are there.
It is in no way a worthy thief successor but not a half bad game if you ignore the thief name.
There appears to no true z axis as you cant even jump unless bumping against a predetermined "jump point" and the game world is awfully cramped and relatively linear.
The end result is a city that feels more like a series of labyrinthine corridors then an actual city.
There is rarely more then 1 way to approach a problem and for the most part only the main missions offer more then 1 entry or exit path.
Still there is some fun to be had and if they had not decided to name it Thief i expect it would have gotten more favorable reviews.
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