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March 1st, 2014, 00:57
Right into the muck, as far as I'm concerned. We do need to discuss our plans with necro4, though. We don't need the XP and even Az is holding a level now, so there's nothing keeping us in level 14 content besides ourselves. We were running Necro4 with the aim of picking up all the bits and pieces (tome, shield, sigil) to qualify for Abbot and such, but I don't know if the fever is still there. Klubbir has about half the exploders and rares for the Orchard, so I'd assume at a minimum we'd be finishing that off.

I spent some time consolidating my tome and shield pieces from my other toons. Sigil pieces are bound to character. I'm still short 1 shield piece and 2 tome pages. I've got multiples of many, so I might be able to help some others. It might be worth the time for the rest of y'all to do a consolidation as well. Since they can be freely moved around, it makes sense to put them all on a single toon and then pass them down as appropriate, kinda like everyone is doing with the tapestry pieces. Sigil pieces will be a pain.

Anyway, at a minimum I figure we finish off the Orchard explorers and tackle Fleshmakers on elite. Beyond that, we'll need to chat.
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