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March 1st, 2014, 01:10
You can't make a classic jump, just a leap. And it doesn't have to be on anything predetermined - if you run and press space you'll leap over a distance or an obstacle anywhere.
Biff is probably talking about climbing on predetermined points.

Just finished chapter 1 and all available sidequests in that chapter (including bank heist bonus mission).
Apart from unoptimized code that causes stutters (solvable currently by forcing the game into 32bit mode) I didn't see any bugs at all.
The game is fun, interesting and is hard to find any real complaint (so far). I can't understand the hate on steam past 4 days, then again, the hate came from ppl who had it unlocked earlier because of IMO scandalous decision from Square Enix to enforce region based dates of sales. Perhaps those people just wanted copypasted older Thief games? Honestly, after having so much fun with the "reboot", I'd be a bit disappointed if this game was just a clone.

New Thief won't be any fun to a bloodthirsty player who wants another shooter.
If you want to go rampage all over the place, if you don't care for exploration but just want to run through levels with nukes equipped or something similar, skip it and don't buy it even if it's on -99% sale.
But if you couldn't care less about killing people in a game and probably won't even bother to shoot everything that moves - only strategical targets that could earn you money and/or other benefits, buy this game now.
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