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March 1st, 2014, 01:35
We have completed temple of vol on elite. Next on the list was inferno and then flesh maker on elite. Then we take the level and do ghost of perdition on hard. Then we move on to level 15 quests.

We would like to do the necro 4 quests for the silver flame favor. With the spinner chain we should hit 375+ and can buy the silver flame pots. Those are very nice to have as emergency heals. Especially on epic.

With a full group after we have completed necro 4 we can even consider doing reaver's fate on normal (raid).

I don't mind flagging for the abbot, but that means farming necro 4 A LOT toget all the pieces for all. That is probably best done in sessions between the Fridays. Once we get the regulars flagged we can all help Corwin and Reywind to get flagged by forwarding the pieces. Abbot can be done closer to level 20.
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