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March 1st, 2014, 22:27
If all we're looking to gain by completing Necro4 is Silver Flame healing pots, feel free to run without me if it ends up going that way. I'll try to be there tomorrow, but don't wait because of me. Being a 2nd lifer, I should be reasonably OK on XP. I'm perfectly fine with others having some different goals and I'm fairly certain we haven't messed up any of those goals. That was a specific consideration before I took my level.

I'd still like to complete my tome, shield, and sigil just because I haven't managed it before. That said, I was rather surprised that collecting everything from every toon I've got didn't get me that far. I figured 11 lives thru that area would have been sufficient to collect everything, even by accident. So, while all that flagging is still a goal for me, I'm not going to get overly wound up if it doesn't happen this time around.

We're still planning on running Ghost first thing next week, AFAIK.
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