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March 3rd, 2014, 08:17
Khelgar was fine being a Monk with the hammer, lol.

Well, that wraps this game up, King of Shadows vanquished, game over.

I have so many little bugs to list but am afraid of doing so as all the new bugs are late-game and so would be very spoilerific. Here's just a couple more of my favourites:

57) When Stoneskin wore off in the final battle, my character's skin color (and everything) also wore off, it quite literally erased all my personal character looks. I was like, "who's that?"

58) When talking to Gronbar, he no longer brought up any conversation choices to finish off the golem.

My final conclusions would also be spoilerific because the last section is just so littered with enraging elements as to be really quite ludicrous. To summerise, my save file was named "WTF" for pretty much all of the closing sections.

Let's just say "it's extremely boring having to wait for two rings of regeneration +1 to fully heal 200 hits points - per each of five characters!"

Your characters in the end fight… they either die like noobs or they are pretty much invincible. I honestly think I could have done the whole game, bar the odd and unusual 'tough' battle with just myself and Khelgar and maybe a healer. For a huge number of the battles in the game I found myself running in to battle in order to get some action before all the bad guys were dead rather than because my character was playing a major role in the victory.

When my involvement in a battle did matter, it did feel very good though.

So… bugs aside, was it a 'good' game?

I'll do my review in a separate post after this one.
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