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March 4th, 2014, 00:43
I've just read the walkthrough and for all the 'options' in the game, it doesn't look like I've missed much. The only two things I'm really annoyed about missing is the ore deposits (all of them, likely a bug where they don't show) and the fact that I chose to have a Monk temple instead of a Church (so missing the Holy Avenger quest).

I was also reading a lot of threads where people were saying only Khelgar managed to survive the end fight as he has 35 AC. Well, my Paladin had 36 AC and that was before casting Divine Defence.

It seems that only two of Nasher's items are available, so this equipment set was indeed a red herring mirage.

The only frustrating missed companion quests were involving having either elinee or gronbar in the team at specific points (aside from skymirror which I did), not really quests. The only real companion side-quests are for Khelgar and Neeshka which I did.

So I'm not going to be pumped for a replay for a good long time.

The playthrough on Gamebanshee misses out some great golden nuggets of information that I found, but I'm not sure if I want to add them here for spoiler reasons. One involves an easy way to kill the dragon, one involves an easy way to kill Garius etc etc.

Going through the walkthrough I feel inclined to be further adamant that the plot should have been split into 6 Acts rather than the rather odd and grueling 3 Acts which make no sense being so long.

It should have been:

Act 1 - Start to reaching Neverwinter
Act 2 - Docks and Merchant District
Act 3 - Visiting Aldanon in Blacklake to Trial
Act 4 - Aldanon's house to the last Statue of Purification
Act 5 - Talking to Aldanon about Jerro to getting the sword instructions
Act 6 - Going to see Nolaloth to end battle

This would have separated the acts into much neater and precise chunks and also given Aldanon a much more 'relevant' role in the player's imagination, as being someone central to every plot-change, instead of an irritating conversation every now and then.
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