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March 4th, 2014, 09:36
Ok, just had time to skim the info on the KS site, but I see no mention of the actual RPG systems anywhere. So my question would be:

Could you tell us something about your character progression system? In the screen we can only see 6 "stats" (atk,dmg,crit,def,prot,spd). Will leveling up allow us to assign points to some of those directly (some should be tied to equipment too obviously)? Are there weapon skills and/or equipment restrictions per class? What can we expect in terms of skill number and variety per class? Are there skill tress we have to follow while leveling up or is there a more flat distribution of skills per class i.e. are there any requirements/restrictions on skill choice while leveling your character?


I know that is a bit so pick and choose whatever you feel like (if any at all) Couch

I'd like to steal from HiddenX a bit and ask them what they think their most innovative skill or system example is (and also ask for more nice examples of camping skills and equipment too!) but I believe those are covered by other questions and/or the info on the KS site.

Looking forward to this interview
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