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March 4th, 2014, 15:47
All I see is an endless amount of fetch quests that should be a base to get enough funds for transforming the game into a MMO.

As such, I'm not supporting this. Only if they cut out MMO thing and make that as a separate (spin-off) KS project I will pledge on this one as everything else looks very interesting. In 2.5 years one can make an epic singleplayer RPG. But when your thoughts are on MMO part, not only the game won't be epic, but everything will be watered down.

Or… Yes, there is or.
MMO part is PvP only. If it'll be MOBA, team vs team on a space/planet map, they can instantly take my money on exo-plant tier. Why?
Current MOBA games have heroes with fixed abilities. You can't remove an ability and put another one on your hero. This game promises an endless amount of posibilities on your hero's skills - and that's what MOBA genre needs desperately.
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