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March 4th, 2014, 17:06
Hey all! My name is Randolph Heard. I'm the writer for Zodd The Immure. First, thanks to Couchpotato for posting the info. Much appreciated! And then joxer I had to write in because I was confused by your comment. I just worked for four years as a writer for MMOs. And I wrote the stuff that Couchpotato posted, and I'm wondering how that led you to believe that Zodd would ever become an MMO? We have never wanted to do that. It's been conceived as a single-player from the beginning. We added on the possibility of multiplayer as a stretch goal. MOBA could be interesting, and of course we'd love to have your money, but it doesn't really fit the story of the game. There is a huge combat element that we haven't really mentioned because it gives away too much of the story, but it's not MOBA. (Although MOBA's fun) Anyway, just curious how I gave the impression it was an MMO. I love them. I'd love to work on again. But this isn't it.
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