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March 5th, 2014, 02:58
I'm not really sure just what will be going on in this game. When I'm exploring a planet, I'll be in a third person, over the shoulder view. OK, great, but that doesn't tell me a whole lot. Am I going to be battling enemies every step of the way or just rarely? Will the planets be wide open, will I be confined to roads/zones on the planets? Is this an isometric game or a full, 3D world?

And what about space? I'll go into space with my ship. Fine, but how is that implemented? I've gone into space in full 3D, isometrics, vector graphics, and even a text adventure or two. Is it going to be like in the video?

"In ZODD THE IMMURE you’ll have to role-play inside a role-playing game. You’ll need to be able to pass as an alien in a culture that you know little about."

This I like! Sounds like somebody has been reading some Jack Chalker. It really does sounds like a fun place to play around in. Ah, and I can get a copy (why would I want more than one?) for just $20! Cheap is always good. Backed.
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